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After a few years of half-jokingly saying, “we should blog about this,” we’re finally doing it!  We are Daniel and Jinny, working professionals by week and family adventurers by weekend (with our two boys, ages 7 and 10).  When possible, the dogs join in on the fun for some added chaos. 😊 

When we first moved to Los Angeles in 2015, we rented a 2nd story condo.  Our boys, being boys, would run around and play with toys on the floor.  After receiving a few complaints from our neighbor downstairs, we spent as much time outside of our home as possible.  Every Saturday and Sunday we would venture out and spend hours outside where the boys could run around to their hearts' content.  I suppose the noise complaints were a blessing in disguise as they forced us to be active and enjoy the sunshine (although we may have preferred to take it easy some weekends)!  We have since moved out of that condo, but our love for weekend adventures remain the same!  

We hope that sharing our getaways, outdoor activities, and travel tips will provide ideas and inspire you to create cherished memories with your family.  

Peace and Love,

Daniel and Jinny

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